Something happened in the adult years of Detective Ned Morgret that changed him forever and brought out the demons. Changed him from a reasonably good and effective cop, to a sad lonely drunk, a sadder coward, and an old man. His secrets run deep.

But retirement's still over a year away, the streets are still dangerous, and the one foe he'll never bring to justice still thrives, taunting Morgret with his many tentacles.

But he's still a cop and a young prostitute is killing johns on his beat. His job is to track her down - if he gave a damn. Who is she, why is she killing men? Who is pulling her strings.

A stellar professional cast and crew are in the process of bring The Lonely Detective to life.  The production will be entered in festivals and then released to the web.  San Diego Theatre Scene, Inc a 501(c)(3) non-profit promoter of theatre and actors for many years, now adds movies and web TV series to it's programs.  Our aim is to put our actors, directors, directors of photography, designers, technicians, and producers to work doing what they love to do.  We haven't figured out a way to make money at it yet.  But of course, that is our dream.

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