Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Whitney Shay in Emotionally Taut Scene

Actor Whitney Shay plays Kiki in The Lonely Detective.  Here she shares a scene with Glynn Bedington and Dale Morris where she faces the truth about events of her girlhood.

Victor Contreras lays down the law to Glynn Bedington in this scene.  Shooting this took most of an afternoon and would have been longer if not for two remarkable actors and a great crew.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The "Baby Scene"

If you ever watch our feature The Lonely Detective you won't even notice that I'm in it with David McBean who plays Baby.  So here's a photo of me just to prove I'm in it! David is known for his comedy but in this scene we see his dramatic side.

From left: David McBean & Dale Morris

Friday, March 4, 2011

Our New TLD Office Studio

On the left is a silly video introduction to our new TLD Office/Editing space made my two tired guys who just unloaded a truck of materials.

And the photo below is a nice shot of Director Wolfgang Hastert who for the last decade or so has taught at UCSD.  Among other things Wolf has taught is Final Cut Pro the program we will use to bring all the gigabytes of digital footage into the professional level feature we hope it to be.
Director Wolfgang Hastert
Surveys his realm for editing
The Lonely Detective

The Lonely Detective Rents Office Space

The production and the post-production of The Lonely Detective is becoming a bigger project than any of us imagined when we started.

With about 60% of the shooting done we've advanced to the stage that a dedicated office was needed as a central hub for control, editing, and being able to focus away from home offices and coffeehouse meetings.  We found an ideal affordable space at Space 4 Art on 15th.  We will have to have generous friends to help us pay for it.  Below is a description from their website.

Space 4 Art currently provides 30 affordable work studios and 5 affordable work/live studios for 40 of San Diego’s finest artists, designers, and craftspeople.The centrally located facility has an abundance of natural light, a spacious gallery, multiple shared community spaces, including an outdoor patio, a performance space, and a classroom.Space 4 Art also offers support facilities for artists working in a variety of creative media — from painting and printmaking to welding and woodworking.In addition to their work as volunteer builders, the tenant/artists of Space 4 Art participate in a collective and perform eight hours of service every month to keep costs down and their rent affordable. Tenant/artists are also contributing members of one of five highly specialized and productive committees focusing on areas such as education and resource development.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Lonely Detective

We're finally getting to watch and sort some of the footage. This is one of my favorite shots of me so far.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hot day in the Sun.

From left: Kevin Green, Tasha Roome, Dale Morris, Victor Contreras.

Movie making has its rewards, but this was the toughest day of shooting I've ever had to endure.  Raw stuff.


Glynn Bedington and Dale Morris

How great to work with Glynn again! We last worked together on Who's Afraid of Virgina Woolf? and it was my favorite theatre experience ever.  We still have one scene big scene to shoot.

Meanwhile, the recent movie I directed her in One Can Burn will be online within a week or so.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Victor Contreras and Walter Ritter 

Dear Cast & Crew,

Thank you for all your great work this last week. We packed about 120 hours of shooting into one working week..

We started looking at footage and will assemble short trailers of the film to be able to share exciting excerpts of the pilot soon.

We will continue shooting some of the missing scenes which don't involve Dale as he will be busy with rehearsals and performances at the REP.

Once Dale is available again we will finish the production ASAP.

I have attached some images from our production and thank you again for your wonderful performances and hard production work!

Please check in with  for updates.

Until then ...