Friday, March 4, 2011

The Lonely Detective Rents Office Space

The production and the post-production of The Lonely Detective is becoming a bigger project than any of us imagined when we started.

With about 60% of the shooting done we've advanced to the stage that a dedicated office was needed as a central hub for control, editing, and being able to focus away from home offices and coffeehouse meetings.  We found an ideal affordable space at Space 4 Art on 15th.  We will have to have generous friends to help us pay for it.  Below is a description from their website.

Space 4 Art currently provides 30 affordable work studios and 5 affordable work/live studios for 40 of San Diego’s finest artists, designers, and craftspeople.The centrally located facility has an abundance of natural light, a spacious gallery, multiple shared community spaces, including an outdoor patio, a performance space, and a classroom.Space 4 Art also offers support facilities for artists working in a variety of creative media — from painting and printmaking to welding and woodworking.In addition to their work as volunteer builders, the tenant/artists of Space 4 Art participate in a collective and perform eight hours of service every month to keep costs down and their rent affordable. Tenant/artists are also contributing members of one of five highly specialized and productive committees focusing on areas such as education and resource development.

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